IT Staffing Services

“Hire an IT professional in a few days” “Start the process in a few minutes”

GPSLab is a leading Global IT Staffing in Chicago, working with state-of-the-art technology to identify competent IT professionals for a range of business organization.

As a prospective employer, you deserve customized information prior the few hours spent in a personal interview. GPSLab IT Staffing Services provide a 360-degree evaluation report with every one of our candidates before your decision for a phone or in-person interview.

GPSLab is an International IT Consulting Company, known for its best in class service for IT Staffing. We value your desire to choose the right employee for your company with proper use of your time and money.

We have a sophisticated analysis of our placement and retention records for the past 15 years and a database of 30,000 candidates, this helps to predict the successful employ-ability of our candidates. We refresh our database with new data daily.

IT Recruitment Consultant

With our best IT manpower consultancy efforts and time we easily shortlist few or more candidates, who are now ready to present to our clients. We also organize interviews, tests and other lots of screening processes on the behalf of the company or can directly send the candidates for PI.

How we can easily move ahead with the successful placement? Well, it is simply made possible for us by our it recruiting companies staff members who always invest most of the time in making quality database of the best candidates, taking interviews, portfolio presentations, check out the references, perform package negotiation tasks and much more. All in all, via our innovative and great efforts, we easily manage appointing new hire into the success of your business.