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Lets take your Business to Next Level

GPSLab is a popular mobile app development company & the expert IT Software Solutions provider based in India, established in 2010. GPSLab is well known to craft the most innovative & core mobile apps & websites.

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We uses agile methodologies to enable projects to be successful early in their life cycle.

Our Work Process

  • 01


    First thing first the concept.

  • 02


    Plan it to micro level development

  • 03


    Easy and user friendly design

  • 04


    Develop it with lastest technology.

  • 05

    Quality Check

    If find any bug, fix it

GPSLab Short video Application

Cheekolite - A Short Video App

Sign up with an email address, Facebook, or Google ID. Once logged in, you can search popular creators, hashtags to find videos. Or you can use your phone contacts or social media followers to find friends already on the app.

Advanced Video Editor

Cool Video Editor is a tool to create and edit video with filters, Fx, music adding and video clipping.

Duet Videos

Duets basically allow users to create content featuring an initial video, with both videos appearing side by side on screen in a square format.


Social Sharing

Cheekolite users can share all their videos edited in Cheekolite on their Instagram, YouTube, and FaceBook profiles.

Video Uploading

Users can upload ready-made videos to their Cheekolite account, rotate or crop them, and even change the playback speed.

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Our experienced team & our products are managed to deliver success to your business. We believe in giving the services without negotiating on time and quality.

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