Get The Best Advocate Associate Management System At GPSLab

Web based Advocate Office Management System is meant only for advocates and law firms who believes in transparency with the client about the case. Easy to manage, easier to work and easiest to use. Reduce wastage of time, energy and money. Increase productivity and efficiency of your office and your hard work. More transparency, more client's confidence, more new clients and more new cases.

Features Of Advocate Associate Management Software

  • Stamping of Name automatically (on submit/update any client/ case/ status/ Fee/ Receipt etc, who was submitted/update his name has recorded on that automatically)
  • Client-wise Permission (Permission granted by advocate to Associate)
  • View/Update Client by Associate (Associate has right to view/update client who handover by advocate)
  • View/Update Case by Associate (only handover case)
  • Order Filed by Associate (with stamping of associate name)
  • Billing by Associate (with stamping of associate name)
  • Receiving by Associate (with stamping of associate name)

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