Our Services Implementation Include

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • SAP Application Management
  • SAP Mobility Services
  • SAP Portal Services
  • SAP Upgrade and Consolidation
  • Enterprise Solution Testing
  • SAP Mid Size Business Solutions
  • SAP Managed Services
  • SAP Optimization services


SAP is a market leader for CRM and enterprise solutions which allows easy and global integration of business processes, creating a more efficient work environment and giving users the real-time information thereby reducing the possibility of errors and redundant information.

Our SAP team consists of SAP professionals who ensure that our client’s get the right SAP product blend with the best affordable price, pre-implementation and post implementation services.

GPSLab has been implementing SAP for more than 10 years and our ability to implement customized SAP solutions enables entire organization to respond to the changing business challenges with ease. Our SAP service offerings span all phases of the enterprise life cycle from initial planning to implementation to customization to development to testing to deployment and post go-live support.

GPSLab’s SAP Implementation Services serves SAP clients in a wide spectrum of industries including life sciences, retail, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods and much more. As an SAP Certified Partner, we provide complete end-to-end SAP solutions to our clients who wish to purchase, implement, monitor and maintain medium to large SAP environments.

team consists SAP professionals

GPSLab has a specific delivery framework that allows us to quicken and make more efficient the implementation and maintenance of SAP solutions, ensuring the success and quality of deliveries based on the market methodologies, knowledge management on the network and the development of solutions in SAP centres of excellence. GPSLab helps its clients to meet the higher efficiency in their enterprise operations through providing customized services in the areas including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) , Customer Relationship Management (CRM) , Supply Chain Management (SCM) , Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and SAP Service and Asset Management.

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