By leveraging the expertise of GPSLab’s professionals, you can ensure robust implementation, risk-free updates, sound development support and superior product development. GPSLab follow best in class industry practices to do Solution Assessment to identify challenges and opportunities and Delivery Best Business Values.

Providing professional consulting and integration of SAP ERP systems services is one of our main areas of expertise. Our team of consultants is well-known for its experience, developed over more than 15 years, advising on implementation and maintenance of SAP solutions , as well as the successful completion of implementation projects.

Our catalog of SAP services begins with consulting services that focus on selecting the most appropriate solution for every need and in the design of the optimal implementation strategy. In order to do this, our consultants analyze each customer situation, and make the best proposal for each case, making the most from our extensive catalog of SAP solutions, in which we are experts.

needs of our customers, which SAP solutions can optimize

  • Improve the management process of clients, sales management, issuing and invoicing.
  • Optimize the management of the supply chain (MRP, EDI, automated warehouses, RF, RFID, traceability, etc.).
  • Improve processes of demand planning and production planning.
  • Improve processes of quality management, both in the purchasing process of raw materials and goods as well as in production processes.
  • Implement solutions of treasury planning and improvement in financial management
  • Improve cost analysis tools, both general costs as product costs, as well as project costs.
  • Provide tools for planning and monitoring of facilities maintenance.
  • Implement tools for information extraction and analysis for detailed monitoring of business development and its assessment in full dashboards.

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