What is a Cheekolite App ?

Cheekolite App is a video dubbing and video sharing app software solution that is based on the popular video dubbing app business model. It is a prebuilt social video sharing solution and a very powerful social media app idea.

Video sharing is slowly turning into the next big thing of the social media ecosystem. This platform helps users in expressing themselves in a creative manner while keeping others entertained.

Features Of Cheekolite Video App

  • Our Cheekolite App have world class features like select sounds to dub videos on, add special effects to videos, take photos, go live, earn coins, earn real money by converting earned coins to your local currency, chat with other users, transfer money, video and audio calling, sell products by creating a business profile, get a verified profile.
  • The video sharing market offers lucrative opportunities to aspiring businesses and that is why more and more contenders can be seen vying for the profit share. You can also add to your user base and keep them entertained round the clock with your exclusive app created

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